Why does my haircolor fade after only 2 weeks
Clients will ask, "Why does my hair color fade after only 2 weeks?"

99% of stylists answer with "your hair just doesn't hold color."
In reality there are several reasons why hair color fades, most of which can be controlled.

Example: Your stylist will tell you, "I'll pull your color through your ends to freshen it up" when in fact permanent hair color should only be applied to your hair's mid-shaft and ends one time. Pulling it through over and over perpetuates the problem of fading by opening up your hair's cuticle layer causing your color to "just fall out."

The best formulation is to use our conditioning semi-permanent hair color designed to close down your hair's cuticle layer and adding shine, making your hair color more durable. Let Matthew Robert Color + Design Salon re-formulate your hair color to best fit your eye color, skin tone, lifestyle, and to reduce fading. Come and experience what "The Science of The Art" really means.

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